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Apostolic Tandem World Evangelism

 Bridging The Gap Ministries International Fellowship

"Bringing Unity To The Body of Christ"

Rehoboth Church Of God - Video Spot

Welcome to Rehoboth Church of God

Welcome To Your Spiritual Home

Rehoboth Church of God location:

700 Poplar Grove St.

Baltimore, MD

We are in the process of a major expansion of Rehoboth Church, please make sure you visit the Building Restoration Drive page and check out the proposed new look of Rehoboth Church and please click the donation tab to help us realize our Vision!

May God ever increase you in all wisdom, understanding, and knowledge,

Be Blessed!

About Us

Bishop Keith G. Allen - Pastor

Bishop Keith G. Allen is the senior pastor of the Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, where he has implemented several apostolic methodologies to enhance and greatly increase the church. He authored a book entitled, The Symbols of Faith and the Miracles’ of God. Bishop Allen has matriculated through Moody Bible institute, Columbia University and obtained his Master Degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the American Public University . He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. Bishop Allen has over 45 years of apostolic ministry experience as an excellent teacher, preacher, and works fluently in the Five-Fold ministry capacities. He is a father to many and has trained numerous individuals to effectively work in the ministry, many of which are leaders and pastors all over the country and abroad. Bishop Allen is married to Mother Gloria J. Allen for almost 50 years, and they have six children, one of whom is deceased. Bishop Allen, through the Holy Ghost, is a catalyst to the body of Christ with his motto: “endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.”

Our History

History of Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, Inc

Which were born not of blood [human], nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." (St. John 1:13) Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, Presiding Bishop of Church of God in Christ, Memphis, TN helped launch the ministry of Elder Randolph A. Carr in 1934 in Baltimore, Maryland. Bishop C.H. Mason sent the young man who accepted the work even though at that time there were only five members. Later Bishop Randolph A. Carr was called to the ministry-reconciling man to God, received the revelation of the Godhead, undaunted by the small number of members, the work in Baltimore became a great challenge and the opportunity to prove God in his life. In the mid’ 1930’s he opened up churches and held services at Mount Street in Baltimore, Maryland and moved on from there when the church out-grew its location to Fulton and Riggs. The church went through tumultuous times for many years thereafter. Many members left the church and started their own ministries and other organizations to spread the Word of God. In 1955, the church purchased its current location at 700 Poplar Grove Street where God still manifest Himself in mighty ways.

After the passing of Bishop R.A. Carr in 1970, Bishop W.S. Barnes, Sr. became the pastor and under his leadership auxiliaries celebrated annual days. In the late 1980’s the Lord called Overseer Keith G. Allen from the West Coast to be close to Bishop Barnes, Sr. prior to his passing. Rehoboth Church was without a pastor for about year. Not long afterward finding faithfulness to the church, Overseer Allen was installed the new Pastor of Rehoboth Church and has provided and instructed many to the revelatory Word of God.


Men's Chairman- Leon Carlton

Praise the Lord, the brothers of The Rehoboth Church of God in Christ greet you all in the beloved name of Jesus Christ.

The Mighty Men of Rehoboth Church would like to send you an invitation to fellowship with us in Spirit, in Truth and the Unity of LOVE.

It is our desire that all men repent and be saved according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that any should not perish, but that all receive everlasting life, being in the Oneness of Fellowship GOD the FATHER.

So please be welcome to interact online with us in our (Q & A) Question and Answer section, read our inspiring messages from our Pastor, Ministers and Brothers.

We encourage you to send your prayer requests and also have open dialogue about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that gives Life to the soul.

We pray that as you read and enjoy our website that your soul will be blessed, your mind renewed, and your heart be inspired to grab a hold of GOD's unchanging hand.

May GOD bless you and Enrich your lives through the word.

Women's Ministries - Mother Gloria J. Allen

Mother Gloria J. Allen is the wife of Bishop Keith G. Allen; together they have six children who work by their side. Mother Allen is a retired Registered Nurse. Mother Allen has taught and trained nursing students at Front Range College in Colorado prior to relocating with her husband to Baltimore . She has taught and encouraged many women throughout the world in seminars and through her preaching. Mother Allen is a licensed Ordained Evangelist. Not only has this afforded her the opportunity to share the gospel to the lost, but also, it has enabled her to reach the unreachable and love the unlovable through the gospel. Once in Baltimore , Bishop and Mother Allen co-founded Vision Christian Academy , a college-preparatory school educating children through grade eight. In addition, together they reorganized the Little Visions of Rehoboth Child Development Center (formerly the New Rehoboth Daycare Center ) which had become a model child facility in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

Youth Ministries

We the Youth Department of the Rehoboth Church recognize God's call to move to a higher level. We have a mission to effectively minister to the dying souls, to change lives and win souls for Christ. In order to show forth God's glory we will uphold the standards of holiness in all we do and always acknowledge God for the anointing he has placed in us as a whole. We will strive to move as the spirit of God says, walk in the purpose that God has placed for us and remember that we are called because we are strong.

Associate Ministers

 Elder Magnus Mindley

Elder Magnus Mindley migrated from Jamaica to the United States in the early 1990's. He serves faithfully under the leadership of Bishop Keith G. Allen and serves in the office of Assistant Pastor of the Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic. Elder Mindley also serves on the Board of Trustees and in many other leadership capacities. Elder Mindley has experienced the great move and blessing of God on his life, both spiritually and naturally. He is a vessel that God uses to carry out His purpose. He currently is a Biomedical Technician at the Maryland General Hospital in which God greatly uses him in that field. Not only does Elder Mindley preach the Word, but he also teaches, exhorts, and is a faithful Man of God. He is the husband of one wife, Evangelist Marcia Mindley, together they have four children: Rhoan, Damian (Rondeen-Daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Brielle), Lavar and Nyjole. Elder Mindley journeys into many areas in which many would not dare to travel such as; men's and women's correctional facilities and prisons, to minister the Word of Life.

Contact Us

Rehoboth Church of God

700 Poplar Grove Street

Baltimore, MD 21216

Office: 410-945-4100

Fax: 410-945-4104


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